Model SCS

Model Name:
NextGen Corrugated Skylight Screens® with Support Channels

NextGen Corrugated Skylight Screens® rest on two channels of the skylight panel ribs. The screens are positioned lengthwise beyond the ends of the installed skylight and are attached through the roof to the steel or wood building purlins. The screen is attached at the same time as the channels using metal clips included in the kit.

OSHA compliant at 200 lb. force
Cal OSHA compliant at 400 lb. force
Screw in attachment

4" x 4" wire mesh grid
Vinyl coated stainless steel straps
Self-tapping screws
Galvanized mesh (standard)
Stainless steel mesh (optional) 

Place two "U" channels over skylight
Place screen on top of channels
Fasten screen and channels thru the roof using straps and screws
Installation time once material is staged is 10 minutes