KeeHatch Mightylight

Keehatch Mightylight® is an aluminum roof hatch railing system, engineered to meet Osha Standard 1910.28(b)(3)(v)(A), “…guard people from falling down the hole”. 6 Standard models with more than 80 custom models are available. 

Standard Models:
KHML-SS 3630 - For Hatches 36” x 30” 
KHML-FB 3054 - For Hatches 30” x 54” 
KHML-FB 4896 - For Hatches 48” x 96” or less
KHML-O   4848 - For Hatches 48” x 48” or less
KHML-DL 6060 - For Double leaf hatches 60” x 60” or less
KHML-FV 6060 - For Fire vents 60” x 60” or less, no ladder

Meets OSHA Standards and codes
Fastclip® attachment
Self-closing gate
Easy installation, 38 pounds
Aluminum fittings
Aluminum pipe sch 40
Stainless Steel Fastclips®
Steel self-closing gate
Attach base fittings to counter flashing
Install posts into base fittings
Drop top and mid rails onto post assemblies
Tighten set screws
Install self-closing gate
Order bolt kit if curb attachment is needed

See Installation Guides and Cut Sheets below.