KeeGuard Railing

KeeGuard roof edge fall protection railing system utilizes a counterbalance weighted system installed along the roof edge. The railings extend above the walking surface 42” and withstand a force of 200 pounds. KeeGuard Railing is free standing and uses recycled PVC weights as ballasts. KeeGuard Standard is designed for flat or low slope roofs. Its configuration accommodates varying angles, circular configurations, ladders and rooftop obstructions. KeeGuard Railing complies with OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.23 and meets North American and Canadian requirements.

OSHA compliant design
Free-standing ballasted system
Green reconstituted PVC weights
Neoprene pad glued to the post base
Accommodates angles and rooftop obstructions
Kick plates available
Pipe is ASTM A53 1-1/2-inch schedule 40 galvanized steel
Fittings are KeeKlamp galvanized-type 
Mounting bases are galvanized steel with rubber pad
Counterweights are green recycled PVC
Assemble PVC counter balance weights according to drawings
Install counterbalance assemblies into base fitting of post assemblies
Install top and mid rails into drop fittings
Note: 3 workers can install greater than 300 feet per day. Shop drawings can be provided if needed