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Safety Rail Source
Welcome to the Safety Rail Source, your single source for E-Z install, OSHA compliant modular safety railings.  The Safety Rail Source has provided customers like you with top of the line, pre-engineered safety products since 1999. We have reginal offices to provide local support.

South Central: (832) 409-7160
North East: (716) 218-0315
North Central (773) 819-0308
South East (980) 272-1567
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On-site Visits:
Most of our railing systems can be designed to your needs from information provided by you.  If your situation requires an on-site visit for design and field measurements, we’ll be there to help.

Shop Drawings:
Shop drawings are provided for your safety railing systems to make for E-Z installation.

On-site Installation Instruction:
If necessary, Safety Rail Source provides on-site instruction for proper installation of your railing systems.

Our Safety Products:

Roof Edge Fall Protection Railing Systems
Our KeeGuard® free standing, non-penetrating, E-Z install OSHA compliant railing system protects your roof edge. The KeeGuard system is fully tested and meets or exceeds current safety requirements.

Roof Hatch Railings
Safety Rail Source is the inventor of the first OSHA compliant safety railings for roof hatches.  There are more than 80 KeeHatch® models available in packaged kits for all makes and sizes of roof hatches. KeeHatch is a safety railing system designed for safe egress/ingress through roof access hatches, and protection while the hatch open. KeeHatch meets and/or exceeds current safety requirements and standards.

RailingReady® Roof Hatches
These roof hatches are manufactured with pre-punched holes in the counter flashing for E-Z installation of the KeeHatch railing system. When you buy a RailingReady roof hatch with a KeeHatch Railing system, installation of the railing onto the hatch takes about one hour and there is no penetration of the roofing membrane.

Skylight Railings & Screens
Our Saf-T-Screen® skylight screens and KeeDome® skylight railings are OSHA compliant, E-Z install and non-penetrating skylight protection. We have models for domed, standing seam and corrugated skylights. For larger skylights we offer OSHA compliant skylight railing systems.

Custom Galvanized and Aluminum Railings
Just give us your railing dimensions and we’ll make an OSHA compliant railing system kit to meet your needs.  Pipe is precut and E-Z to install with a 5/16” hex key. Our railing systems are made with Kee Klamp galvanized or aluminum fittings for strength and corrosion resistance.

Crossover Stairs

Description coming soon.

Floor Hatch Railings
E-Z install, OSHA compliant railing kits protect your floor hatches. We offer 2 and 3 sided models made of galvanized or aluminum pipe and fittings for strength and corrosion resistance. Give us your floor hatch size and we'll ship the kit.

Kart-a-Rail™ Portable Railing System
Our KeeGuard® Contractor portable railing system can be ordered with a Kart for E-Z transport and storage. Our Kart-a-Rail is heavy duty painted safety yellow with balloon tires, hoisting points, and a hitch for moving with a fork truck or other motorized vehicle.

KeeGuard© Contractor Portable Railing System
Our KeeGuard® Contractor portable railing system can be ordered with a Kart for E-Z transport and storage. This system offers a new and innovative approach to portable railing systems. KeeGuard Contractor is a free standing system, thus it does not penetrate the rooftop or working surface. The 98 pound bases interlock when stacked and come with raised handles for E-Z lifting and moving. All components are galvanized for long life.

ADA Handrail and Railings
Our E-Z install ADA railing kits meet ADA, ICC and Building Code requirements. Give us a drawing or sketch and we'll build your ADA railing kit. All you need is a hex key to assemble the components.

Kwik Kit Railing Systems
These E-Z install, OSHA compliant railing kits are a fast solution to solve your railing needs.  Kits can be ordered in yellow or aluminum. Kwik Kit allows you to create a sturdy, safety yellow railing system without the need for welding. An added advantage is the kits are pre-packaged with 6-foot post spacing for straight sections, corner sections or extension sections.

KeeKlamp Aluminum Pipe Fittings
These connectors are aluminum and can be used to make practically any railing configuration or size you need. Kee Klamp fittings are heavy duty for strength and corrosion resistance.

KeeKlamp Galvanized Pipe Fittings
These connectors are galvanized and can be used to make practically any railing configuration or size you need. Kee Klamp fittings are heavy duty cast steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

Interior Guard Railings
Our Big Yellow™ heavy duty guard railings are painted safety yellow steel and protect your machinery and personnel. You can choose one, two are three rail systems in any configuration needed. Lift-out pockets are available if you need removable railing sections.

Demarcation Barriers
Our chain and post barriers are your economical solution to interior and exterior demarcation. The recycled rubber bases securely hold the demarcation rail posts in place and will not damage roofing membranes.

Overhead Door Track Guards
Protect your overhead door tracks from damage caused by fork trucks. Our overhead door track guards are offered in 2 or 4 foot heights and are painted safety yellow.

Heavy Duty Sprinkler Head Shields
Protect your sprinkler heads from damage by fork trucks. Our shields are not made of wire, they are made of steel for true protection. They are painted safety yellow.

Step-Straight Ladder Railing
Our light weight aluminum ladder railing attaches to the top of the extension ladder and eliminates the need to step around the ladder when accessing or descending. Our ladder railings are secured to your ladder with a thumb wheel.

RailingReady® is a trademark of the Safety Rail Source, LLC and KeeHatch®, KeeLite®, Kee Klamp®
and KeeGuard® are trademarks of Kee Safety, Inc.